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Oh, the wonders of yoga pants. Perfect for gym and yoga classes, for quick grocery shopping sessions, perfect for traveling and for relaxing evenings with the girls or your beloved one. No other piece of clothing is as versatile and comfortable as the flexible and supportive yoga pants, which can look incredibly fashionable if you combine them with the proper top. Yes, you can wear the yoga pants pretty much anywhere, and you can look great in them if you choose a pair that’s made of high quality materials, but keep in mind that these form-fitting items are pretty revealing. They embrace your body and highlight your curves, making you look slimmer or on the contrary, displaying all your figure flaws.

While adding a casual jacket or a longer hoodie can be a quick and stylish solution for a sporty girl, if you’re planning to wear your yoga pants while out and about and want to look chic, you’re going to need more than an oversized tee. Also, remember the golden rule: unless you’re actually doing yoga, choosing a top that’s designed for sports is a no-no, no matter how fancy it looks. What should you opt for then? Given below are 5 matching suggestions for a chic outfit.  

1. Plaid shirt and cowboy boots

A chic plaid shirt that covers your derriere and a pair of cowboy boots can help you pull off a ‘90s-inspired look while matching your yoga pants perfectly. Go for long, black pants if you choose a colored shirt, or for patterned leggings if you opt for a black and white shirt, and black boots.   If you prefer a looser fit, you can opt for our Yogini Capris, and match them with a red and blue plaid shirt and flats. This look allows you to wear a sporty bag or a casual one and look chic while doing so.    

2. Little black dress reinvented

If you have a little black dress that’s casual and comfy enough for daily wear, but a bit too short for the office or for grocery shopping, you can nicely match it with a pair of black yoga pants, like our Yogini Slim Capris here.   In this case the best footwear is a pair of flats or low heels, or boots that don’t look to elegant. To spice up the outfit you can add a scarf and opt for colored footwear. Just make sure everything is made of unshiny fabrics.  

3. Oversized white blazer

While an oversized tee can make you look too boyish and lazy, an oversized blazer can be a nice match for a pair of yoga pants like our Angel Booty Shorts for example. If you opt for summer shorts and a white blazer, add a colored bag or jewelries, but stick with items that look casual instead of elegant. Instead of a white top you can choose a pastel pink or violet, or any other light tone you prefer.  

4. Layers on top

To add depth and look more sophisticated, you can play with layers and create a chic outfit by matching your yoga pants with a top that covers your derriere, and an asymmetric jacket or sweater. A flowing drop-shouldered blouse or a top with dolman sleeves, an oversized jewelry with a wooden pattern or a soft scarf are other ideas for creating fullness and turning the yoga pants into a chic piece of clothing.  

5. Stay classy with a chambray top

Last, a loose-fitting chambray top can save the outfit and complement the black yoga pants nicely, but in this case it’s better to opt for ¾ capris instead of full length pants. Also, make sure the top is long enough to cover you, but short enough not to look odd. Wear the yoga pants the same way you would wear a pair of skinny jeans, if they were in a lighter tone and you’d want to hide some areas of your body.  

If you have more suggestions, we’d like to hear from you, so feel free to post your comments below or to join our INSTAGRAM community and share your thoughts with us!

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