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Why We Value Eco Conscious Textile Production

What Eco Friendly Yoga Wear truly means? At BaliniSports, we care about the environment and are passionate about your health. One of our biggest objectives and commitments is to ensure that you have quality sustainable products. As well, we want to help you and the environment thrive by safeguarding the environment for present and future generations.

Today there are big Eco changes that need to be addressed. Currently, fewer than 36 brands that use bluesign fabrics (your guarantee that the fabric is 100% Eco friendly). For one, it is very difficult for a small brand to earn a bluesign label. For another, there is a very dark side of textile production. It is an environment that uses chemical dyes plus depletes and heavily pollutes our water supply. And what is more, labels that say Eco friendly may use only organic cotton but they still have the dyes and chemicals in them.

Over the years we have come to the realization that not all Eco label are alike. Did you know that many textile brands labeled organic or recycled only need a small percentage of the material in order to have the tag? In fact, if a tag says organic or recycled it does not guarantee that it is 100% Eco friendly.

Even if a product is made from organically grown fibers, the fabric can be exposed to various chemicals found in dyes or other added materials. These synthetic chemicals often contain petroleum-based elements or toxic heavy metals. These added products to supposed organic fabrics are definitely not kind to the earth.

As an Eco conscious consumer, knowing what to buy can be very perplexing. It can be extremely difficult to decide on an Eco product, especially when you cannot rely on the tag. However, one of the best ways to make an Eco friendly choice is with verified certification.

At long last there are finally Eco friendly certifications for textiles. In addition, the environmental standards are quite high. One of the biggest and most reliable sustainable companies is bluesign. The standards organization is based out of Switzerland and lays heavy emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly production and manufacturing. Products that carry the certification label are made solely of a combination of materials and processes that are safe to human beings and the environment. Their certificate precisely states that the standard “certifies substances that have been rigorously tested against harmful effects on humans and the environment and for efficient consumption of relevant resources.”

In other words, if a textile brand has a bluesign certificate then it is 100% Eco friendly and is made of safe fibers, none toxic dyes and maintains sustainable practices. At BaliniSports, we use technologically advanced fabrics that help sustain the earth. Our lines have the bluesign certificate guarantee. The bluesign tag not only confirms that the final textile product meets strict consumer safety requirements but it also delivers confidence to the consumer to attain a sustainable product.

At BaliniSports, we only want the best for you and the environment.

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