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Tips on avoiding transparent yoga pants.  BaliniSports is in the business of making women look their best. I use everything I’ve learned at fashion shows and personal styling sessions to create beautiful, durable and flattering pieces for the BaliniSports collections. My career has given me the privilege to dress Kim Kardashian, Teri Hatcher, Rachel Mortenson, and many more beautiful and talented women. Hollywood celebrities can’t risk getting caught in the middle of a wardrobe malfunction.

Our brand is passionate about creating yoga apparel that won’t rip or appear transparent when flashbulbs are going off. My passion extends to helping women just like you look slim and feel confident without worrying about embarrassing fashion blunders. Part of looking great in yoga apparel is learning how to avoid see-through yoga pants. BaliniSports has put together a definitive guide to picking out yoga pants that won’t reveal more than you want.

Size Matters

We’ve all been tempted to squeeze into clothing that is a few sizes too small in order to look slimmer. While this strategy might work with a little black dress, it leads to disaster when yoga apparel is involved. Most fabrics used for yoga pants can easily stretch up to four sizes. Stretching fabric this far can cause pants to become transparent under certain conditions. It is essential to always stick to your proper size when purchasing yoga pants.

Be sure to consult a brand’s sizing guide before making your decision. If you're a size six in jeans, you're likely to be a size six in yoga pants. You have a little freedom to go down to a size four if you really crave a snug fit. Many of our customers choose to order two different sizes to try on. They are able to simply return the size that doesn't fit as long as it is unused and still has original tags. It’s important to keep in mind that many yoga poses cause muscles to expand during a workout.

Compact Fabrics Are Important

Don’t buy a pair of yoga pants without running your fingers over the fabric. Does the yarn feel tight? It’s a good sign if it does. A major fashion label recently caused a commotion when a shipment of see-through yoga pants was released to the public. While the pants looked great on the rack, they became see-through when women wore them. The brand behind the fashion scandal had designed the pants with bigger holes between pieces of yarn in the hopes that this would create a more breathable sensation for women. Another reason for the mistake was that the brand attempted to lower the cost of production by switching to lighter materials. Many women were shocked to learn that they were exposing bare skin and panties when they wore the pants in public. The lesson here is that you should carefully examine yoga pants for thickness before buying them.

Question the Dyeing Process

It’s important to make sure the brand you choose dyes fabrics at an early stage in the production process. You want to avoid colors and patterns that are applied using screen printing. Screen printing typically produces lower quality products that are more prone to becoming see-through. In addition, screen printing wastes water compared to methods that involve using true dye.

Look for a Gusset

Do your yoga pants contain a gusset? All pants created by BaliniSports do. This triangular piece of fabric allows you to go about your life without worrying about dreaded camel toe or overexposure. Our yoga pants consist of two layers that offer breathable, hygienic and durable coverage.

Choose a Brand You Can Trust

Never settle for pants from a brand that doesn’t carefully design and test every piece of apparel. Products from BaliniSports are tested by real yogis before being released to the public. In addition to caring about our customers, we use production methods that prove we care about the planet. We give you the power to stretch, run, play and live without the fear of see-through pants.

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