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Top Sexy Yoga Poses That’ll Make You Better in Bed

Wanna know which Hot Yoga Poses would make you better in bed?  If you are in a good relationship and planning to get one step ahead in your relationship, then first you have to be ready for that. How can you prepare yourself, when you will have the most pleasant experience of your life? Often girls plan to have makeup support for that very moment, but it doesn’t work to make you better in bed. You need to make your body capable of attracting your partner for that special moment. Get help of yoga to make your body comfortable for that pleasant moment. I am suggesting you few exercises that will surely make you better in bed.

1-    Try boat pose:

Miranda bra

It is an extremely good posture of yoga for both fit body and sexy appearance in bed. To be in this posture, first sit on the floor, now slowly pick your both legs up in the sky. Thus, you will make your legs incline to the floor. Now bring your head also upside and catch your legs with your hands. Thus, you will shape your body in boat form. It is called the boat pose, and it is very beneficial for women. Do not forget to keep your legs and backbone straight, because your body should not be loose.

2-    Cat pose:

Do you know how to become a cat? Just get on your knees and both pals and stand straight. Keep your head up towards the sky and keep your backbone straight. Now take a breath slowly and leave it slowly. Keep your spine straight and move it ahead and backside with your breath. I am sure you will look very sexy while you do it, and it will offer you perfect figure on regular practice.

3-    Forward Bend Pose


To get your body in this pose, you have to stand on your legs. Now, slowly stretch you both legs in the opposite direction as much you can. After that get inclined towards the front side, thus your head will come closure to the floor and now you have to put your both elbows on the floor. In starting this pose will become little difficult for you, but after regular practice you will do it easily. Get in this pose and breathe at least five times. It will help you looking sexy.

4-    Bow pose:

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The bow pose is probably the most important and effective pose for fit body. Many women try it to look healthy and sexy because this yoga pose brings many significant changes in your appearance and makes you naturally sexy for your partner. To practice this yoga pose, lie down on your breasts and keep your both hands and legs straight. Now, comfortably bend your knees and try to bring them closer to your hands. As you will get success in it, catch your legs with both hands and breath. This pose helps you in removing your body’s extra fat and get perfect physic. All of these poses are essential for having perfectly fit body and sexy appearance in bed. So try it and get what you want to be in bed.

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