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Tips on how yoga can cure and relieve depression.  Like the rest of the world, all of us in the BaliniSports family were shocked and saddened to hear about the death of Robin Williams. I want to take the opportunity to reach out to the yoga community to talk about the benefits of yoga while coping with grief over the loss of such a tremendous talent and legend.

My reaction to the news was particularly strong because I have personal experience with depression. Do you want to know what helped me pull through it? Discovering yoga and founding BaliniSports. Walk with me on a journey through pain, healing, and finding my true purpose.

It was nearly a decade ago that depression began to creep into my life. I was a classic workaholic at the time. Sadly, I was trapped on a corporate hamster wheel in a career that didn't feed my soul. Constant travel, meetings, and long nights in front of the glare of a computer screen were draining all of my passion and vitality. I had no time for relationships or finding myself. I thought relief would finally come when I mustered up the courage to visit a doctor to ask for help. I was prescribed antidepressants to help me cope with the dark emotions and lack of energy I was experiencing.

The next two years were spent feeling like a former shell of myself as my doses were adjusted. I eventually found my way to a nutritionist at the advice of a friend. My life was transformed when I was introduced to the concept of eating organic foods and practicing yoga. Little did I know that first time I timidly arched by body into a dolphin pose that my life was about to change forever. It was only a matter of time before I felt like my true self again.

I ditched my corporate job, committed to doing yoga every day, and founded an apparel empire on my own terms. I’m not alone in my findings about the healing powers of yoga. Yoga has been found to be beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety in recent studies from Harvard University. A number of major studies have also linked yoga with enhanced mood stability, increased positive outlook, reduced inflammation, and general improvements in mental health.

While yoga has only recently garnered buzz in the modern medical community, the discipline has held a special place in Hinduism and Buddhism for thousands of years.  Keep in mind that detailed instructions for these poses are available on the BaliniSports website.

Bow Pose

Get on your belly and place your hands flat against the ground at your sides to get into this pose. The pose is powerful because it stretches the front portion of your body and fortifies your back muscles. By applying pressure to your abdomen, you'll be stimulating digestive and reproductive organs. This pose is particularly helpful if you're prone to depression and discomfort due to premenstrual symptoms.



The playful nature of this pose is said to release one's joy and creativity. Your head being lower than your heart during this pose will help to stimulate your endocrine system. The pose is believed to deliver blood flow to a human's adrenal glands and reduce the production of cortisol. This is a great pose to do if you're under stress.


Wide-Legged Forward Bend

Your arms and legs will spread out as you take the form of a butterfly during this pose. This pose is attributed with soothing the human nervous system. It is said to calm a person's mind and bring relief from mild depression.


Upward Dog

Your knees will touch the ground while your torso is held up by your core muscles and arms during this pose. This pose stretches the area that encompasses your chest and spine. This can have therapeutic results on your posture and breathing patterns. In addition, the pose may tenderize your abdomen and torso to improve overall digestion. It may relieve back pain by strengthening your buttocks and thighs. Its overall result is credited with alleviating fatigue and feelings of depression.

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