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Attending a yoga class doesn’t mean showing up wearing a boring combination of loose shirts and yoga pants. Yoga shorts, affectionately coined as "booty shorts," are a great way to switch it up and look great at the same time. When you look good, you feel good, and you remain diligent in your practice. Yoga shorts are a great option for yoginis of any shape, size, or style. Ready to take the plunge and try out a new sexy style of Bikram yoga clothes? You've come to the right place! Here's why you should start wearing booty shorts to yoga and how to find the perfect pair.  

First off, yoga shorts should complement the type of yoga you practice, your style and your figure. When shopping for yoga shorts, look for shorts that are comfortable, provide function, and make you feel good. Yoga shorts are the best option for any style of yoga. Why? Yoga shorts provide maximum range of motion, allowing your body to move naturally and comfortably. Yoga shorts can also offer better instruction! Wearing yoga shorts will expose your legs and knees to the instructor, which can help determine if your body is aligned properly. They also are good for people practicing Bikram Yoga or any type of hot yoga, giving their skin more air to breathe in the hot room.

Worried about modesty? Don't fret! The Angel Booty Shorts by BaliniSports are modest enough so you won’t expose yourself especially when you’re bending over and upside down.

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When buying a good pair of shorts, one must take the following into consideration:

Type of Yoga

Different types of classes have different types of movements. There are some classes that are dynamic and physically challenging, while other yoga styles are more easy-going. Depending on the instructor or studio, some classes are more particular about alignment and some are a bit more lenient in the poses that you do. People who practice Bikram Yoga or any type of hot yoga should settle for shorts since more fabric on the skin can heat up the body more. For other yoga types, you can have more freedom on the length of yoga shorts to wear. If you’re not comfortable with exposing much of your legs and thighs then you can check out the capris, as well. The Yogini Slim Capris by BaliniSports are a wonderful option made with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry.


Yoga shorts should be stretchy to give you a full range of movement, but breathable and absorbent since you’re going to sweat a lot. The most ideal yoga shorts are made of lycra microfiber and spandex. BaliniSports uses a combination of Lycra® and Supplex® that offers 4-way stretch so, your booty shorts keep their shape pose after pose. The Angel Booty Shorts are snug enough to hug your body so you don’t have to worry about flashing other yoginis when doing handstands.



Comfort and functionality should be the first requirements when buying yoga gear. When buying online, read the product description and customer reviews so you know what you are paying for. Always research to ensure that you will be happy with your choice. Stay away from the extremely cheap—they are usually not durable and comfortable. Technologically advanced fabrics and materials offer the best comfort, but you shouldn’t be spending your life savings on yoga apparel either. Find a brand that offers these materials without overcharging. BaliniSports offers the exact same quality as other expensive brands like Lululemon, Prana, or Athleta, but BaliniSports is half the price of these brands! Last, but most important: Don’t forget to be yourself!  Yoga shorts have different kinds of colors and prints. Go with one that is not only comfortable, but also says a lot about your personality. Find the perfect booty shorts for Bikram Yoga at BaliniSports.com. Don't take my word for it; read more about our shorts and see what our customers are saying too!

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