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There are two types of people who buy yoga apparel: those who actually wear it while working out, and those who only buy yoga bras and pants because they’re comfy, cute and make one’s body look slimmer and more toned. If you’re in the first category, you’re probably less interested in how chic your yoga pants look like, and more concerned about their functionality, but for those in the second category, the versatility of yoga clothing is of top importance, as the items are purchased to be wore not only to gym classes but also when hanging out with friends or traveling.   The great news is that yoga apparel can be incorporated in almost any street outfit without making you look too sporty. On the contrary, if you know what items to pick, you can look stylish and casual dressed in yoga clothes. Here are our top 3 picks for the most versatile pieces of yoga apparel!  

1. Black, capris-length yoga pants

A pair of black capris can create an incredibly sexy outfit if combined with an oversized one-shoulder tee made of soft fabric, a colored tunic or a black see-through top that covers your buttocks. The key is to choose a pair of capris that offers enough support and have a sliming effect, as this prevents the “muffin top” from showing thorough the clothes, and gives the impression of a slimmer figure.  

The more sophisticated the top, the more stylish and chic the final outfit, but make sure you choose simple tops made of comfortable and soft materials instead of shiny fabrics. Stick with black capris and pair them with flats, boots or medium heels.  

Also, make sure to choose a pair that’s made of breathable fabric, especially if you plan to use them during hot days as well, and consider investing in a more expensive piece of yoga pants, as higher quality materials are more durable. The black capris are just as important for your wardrobe as the little black dress if you’re the type of person who often goes hiking, cycling or running, who enjoys gym workouts and loves sleeping and traveling in comfy clothes that are easy to wash.





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2. Colored yoga bra

Yoga bras can offer incredible support while working out, but they aren’t designed for training only. You can wear them underneath shirts that have a wider cut, to create a cheerful outfit, or you can combine them with cropped tops, soft V-neck sweaters, zip-up or office jackets, lightweight sweatshirts and see through shirts.   If you opt for brighter colors, make sure to keep the other items in neutral tones, so as to balance the outfit. A black or white yoga bra can work great for a more elegant and stylish attire, while colored ones are more suitable for casual and sporty outfits.  

3. Yoga tank with built-in bra

Whether you’re heading for gym and need a top that’s able to offer enough support while allowing you to move freely or you’re traveling and need a top that wicks sweat away and fits comfortably across the chest and shoulders, a seamless racer-cut yoga tank in a light tone is the best choice. Not only it looks cute but is also very flattering as it lifts up the breasts, flattens the abdomen and reduces the appearance of the muffin top.  

The build in bra allows you to wear this top as a regular bra, so you can match it with skirts or pants, or you can wear it underneath a jacket or tunic if you need a warmer outfit. Opt for a top with built-in ventilation for increased comfort and for a seamless item if you plan to wear it under tighter dresses or jackets.

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