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Personal Packing Tips from a Yoga Queen:

I put almost as many miles on my suitcase every year as I do on my yoga mat. My husband’s busy career means we’re traveling as a couple nearly every week. I made the decision to tailor my lifestyle to keep up with his frequent flyer miles because a long distance relationship simply wasn’t an arrangement I was willing to live with. Even with all the technologies to keep couples connected, I still prefer to have my suitcase sitting next to his at the airport. Luckily, I can run my online yoga apparel company from anywhere in the world. I even use our travels to meet up with clients and important names in the fashion world who are interested in collaborating with BaliniSports. You might say I’ve chosen romance without choosing to let my dreams of running a fashion empire die. You might be wondering how exactly to pack a business empire and a marriage into one little suitcase. Let me give you my own personal tips and tricks for how to pack lightly and stylishly.

A Simple Black Dress

A versatile dress can take you from a romantic dinner with your husband to a lunch with a prospective client so easily. Fold the dress in a special laundry bag to avoid lint and wrinkles.

Ballet Flats

If you ask me, high heels take up too much room inside a suitcase. A pair of black flats looks fabulous with hot yoga apparel and or a polished business suit.

A Scarf and Denim Jacket:

This is another look that I create often when I am visiting Los Angeles.  The look is so cute, and people don't even realized I was wearing a comfortable yoga tank.  Scarfs are light weight and best accessory for traveling on the road.  At night, throw in a denim jacket to complete the look for dinner.

BaliniSports Fiona Tank
BaliniSports Fiona Tank

The BaliniSports Megan Tank or Fiona Tank

After using this cute, flirty tank top for my morning yoga routine, I throw on a cute cardigan and start my day. I have also been known to pair this tank top with a black skirt and black blazer. This look allows me to show business connections that my fun, flirty design style is truly a part of my real life.
BaliniSports fiona tank
BaliniSports fiona tank

The BaliniSports Miranda Bra or Brittany Bra 

This is my everyday bra. I feel light, free, and supported as I run errands or sketch new designs for my collection. My shape never looks better than when this sweet little bra is hugging my curves.

Sample Beauty Products

Ask for samples the next time you’re at the beauty counter or salon. Packing small lotions and shampoo bottles instead of large containers will save so much room inside your suitcase.

Versatile Makeup

Pick makeup items that cover more than one aspect of your face. Use a rosy lip gloss to add color and shine to your lips, cheeks and eyelids. Line your lashes with black eyeliner to avoid having to use multiple products to make an impact. These little tricks will allow you to go heavy on the glamor without packing heavy.

A Yoga Towel

I visit a lot of different yoga studios on the road. I never want to risk picking up germs by renting yoga equipment. Make sure you leave room in your luggage for your personal yoga towel.

My Final Thoughts on Packing Light

What you pack in your suitcase isn't nearly as important as what you pack in your heart. My travels would not be as amazing as they are if I didn’t keep up my daily yoga practice on the road. In addition, my notebook is never far from reach. My mind is always working to create soft, resilient yoga wear for women around the world.

Did you find my stylish packing secrets helpful? Stay tuned for more tips on how to live a fabulous life full of love and yoga.

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