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Yoga wear has definitely become a bit of a fashion statement as women wear it for more than just hot yoga and other kinds of workouts. This is probably because the clothes are designed to be comfortable and durable, making them ideal for every day use regardless of whether or not you work out.

Do you need to have a fit body in order to wear the latest yoga outfits? The answer is no; you just need to know which clothes are the right ones for you and your body type. For instance, pants would need to be snug while permitting the skin to breathe whether or not you use them for Bikram yoga or similar workouts.

Among the most popular of pants styles is the fold-over yoga pants. These are designed to fit nearly any body type, and it is possible to adjust the fold in an effort to hide the flaws. When left high, the pants appear to slim the user, which is a benefit for pregnant women looking for comfort and want to be able to adjust the fold of the yoga clothing as the baby and belly grow. These can also enhance petite legs by making them appear longer.

Pants come in all kinds of styles that include full-length, shorts and knee-length, but the most important factor with this and other kinds of yoga wear is comfort overall. When looking for a top, consider what kind of activities you intend to do while wearing the yoga clothing. For example, you might need to do some upside down poses while performing Bikram yoga, so you want something that is loose enough to be comfortable but tight enough to not reveal everything as you turn upside down.

No matter what you want to do in your clothes, you will need a soft and absorbent fabric that permits the skin to breathe. This can be done with clothes made of Spandex, Lycra or cotton as they are designed to be fit and porous. Still in need of tips for what the best hot yoga outfits are available for you to be comfortable in? Remember, getting a set of workout clothes does not mean looking for the latest fashion, but you still might be interested in finding a yoga outfit that you can use for other purposes as well.

Here are the top 10 tips for choosing the best yoga wear for you:

- Avoid tight tank tops and go for the looser ones instead, especially if you have any doubts about your chest or any extra weight you may carry there.

- Opt for loose pants, sweatpants or long shorts because legs rubbing together with short shorts can become uncomfortable or form a rash from the friction.

- Do not look for any form-fitting shorts or any kind of clothes that are tight-fitting; you need all the freedom you can get when it comes to your legs and midsection.

- It is better to opt for cotton rather than Spandex or Lycra since the fabric needs to be able to breathe, though a blend of the three is fine.

- Go for some elastic bands that can be adjusted as you can tighten them once you have done a yoga workout

- Avoid wearing the same set of clothes for two days without first having washed them; while this might seem obvious, it is very comfortable to try and wear dirty clothes while you are sweating profusely.

- Avoid using a regular bra and get one designed for sports instead; these are designed to not only soak up the sweat but provide enough support for bounce when undergoing an active lifestyle.

- Do not wear any horizontal stripes, flowers or loud prints if you are not going to be comfortable wearing them.

- Be practical about what you're wearing; if you want an outfit designed solely for yoga, look for clothes designed for the poses you are going to perform.

- Keep a realistic budget. Just because you want the best possible clothes doesn't mean you need to break the bank right away. Many of the best yoga clothes are actually affordable if you keep an eye out for it.

At the end of the day, getting the right yoga clothing comes down to comfort and having a good fit. If you pick either a costly or less expensive brand, you need the clothes to feel good and look good. Comfort is especially important, especially if you are going to work out or take the clothes to run basic errands.

Good fitting is important for the same situations as well. You will want a combination that flatters your figure while also giving you the efficiency you require when performing your poses in a yoga class or walking down to pick up some groceries.

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