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Dressing for a work-out has become a seriously stylish business nowadays. But it’s a long established truth that Yoga is not a fashion show. It’s not for everyone to see, it should be a deeper connection to you: your mind, soul and body in unison.



Newsflash: But Being Fashionista Is Not A Crime.

Fashion has this conflicting desire to belong, yet stand out: A form of self expression. If you’re a yogini tired of getting lost in the sea of black yoga pants, then we recommend trying sexy yoga wear in fun design.  In fashion, the mantra is never be afraid of trying on a new look. In yoga, as we seek through our inner self, our views about how we present ourselves evolve as what it should always be. The doctrines of yoga might be aimed at the conquest of the self, but the practice of getting there, the feeling of belonging, of believing for a moment that you are fresh and new and recreated, exactly matches the promise of fashion itself.  

Yoga is your timeless fashion piece. Never goes out of style, heck, even celebrities do it, people from all walks of life do it. Yoga is a way of life as Fashion is.  

Fashion should go with comfort too. In Yoga Class, wearing tshirt and usual shorts will get in the way with your movement. Instead, wear a string shorts for yoga or tight yoga pants; this also goes with wearing a sports bra and yoga bra that will provide you with optimum support so you can concentrate on your pose without worrying since bikram yoga clothing like the one made by BaliniSports is specifically made from high performance fabric for stretching, sweat wicking, support all wrapped in a stylish yoga clothes for women.  

In summary, Fashion might be your major best food forward, but there’s a requirement and having a great body will help you get there. Moreover, It conditions your perception about yourself, it glows, it resonates, as it is in fashion, you wear trendy yoga clothes to manifest how you’d like to be seen.  


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