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Hi I’m Jen, and this is a confession of a yogaholic. Being in my 20’s makes me an impulsive, adventurous and soul-free living yogini. I love yoga. Heck If I can do yoga in my sleep, I will. *insert an OM snoring sound, haha!*

So here are my hand-picked tips for on-the-go yoginis like me!  

1. Pack your arsenals. Include these in your travel bag; Gym clothing like a cozy yogi pants, breathable yoga tank, comfortable sports bra or yoga bra – dependable yoga workout clothes is a must! Also bring with you an ample amount of water plus your personals like workout bands and towels. Don’t worry about bringing a yoga mat, sometimes it is fun to experiment and improvise.

2. Prepare a Yoga playlist to get you in the mood before or during the practice. I get my yoga playlist idea here.

3. Next, pick your space. As travelling can be totally stressful, you must stay centered. Once you picked your spot, you can begin collecting yourself set your focus. Meditation on a view is very powerful. Feel the rhythm of the nature, sync it with your breathing. Feel the power and bring it in.

4. If you don’t feel like being a total trooper, be a yoga tourist. With just a click, you can know where the nearest yoga studio around you. Plunge in the thrill of being in a strange city and making new friends. Brag about it the social media and make it the highlight of your trip.

5. Take it easy. Remember you’re on vacation; you don’t have to push yourself too much. If it happens that there are interruptions in your routine, take it as a part of the experience.

6. Yoga with no boundaries. Practice yoga whenever that inspiration kicks in. Nothing beats the dedication in fitness and peace that yoga brings to you.

Enjoy living the yoga lifestyle and love this life!  

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