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First, I’d like to shout out a big thanks to BaliniSports for allowing me in putting my 2 cents in their blog. I’m Marky from Philadelphia (waddup!) and an avid fan of yoga pants hot girls. The season of yoga pants and uggs is here! Along with the pumpkin spice latte, it is this season that we, men are very happy about. Personally speaking, girls in tight yoga pants made the world a better place to live in. Forgive me about the whole man-humor kind of thing but dang! Isn’t a compliment like this makes you girls crazy happy with your sexy, curvy body?  

Yoga pants are the bacon of clothing.

It is what it is! In a gym era, being clothed is much sexier than nude. Picture it like this, Girls rocking a sexy gym clothing enters the gym/studio, notice how we awkwardly overdo our routines just to get that glimpse from you. In my pursuit of search for the best bikram yoga apparel for women and 20 minutes feels-like-eternity browsing and fumbling to one yoga shops to another, I saw the perfect yoga workout clothes for women and buying a pair of yogi pants for my girlfriend has been the most and bestest purchase (or that’s what she makes me feel like, at least) – she couldn’t be more than happier.  Well, little did she know it is really for my viewing pleasure ‘cause I’m telling you, man, in her body screaming all the bikram yoga benefits, she’s really rocking that yogi pants!  

So girls, be confident and sexy. Tip from us men, nothing can make you hotter than sweating on that hot yoga clothes. So go ahead, dazzle your way and flaunt that curves, half of the world will thank you for wearing that yoga pants!  I love this life!  

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