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I've been doing bikram yoga for almost 5 years now, I even considered once being a bikram yoga teacher but I immediately brush of the thought and focus on my first love-passion: fashion. That being said, I love to share to you today my personal list of Bikram yoga benefits.

1. Weight loss. Probably the most prime benefit of bikram yoga. Doing Bikram in a heated room creates a much safer approach to your yoga practice as it allows you to stretch quicker and deeper. Hence, Picking an appropriate clothing for bikram yoga wear for you could help you move through your routine smoothly. This is turn leads to stronger flexibility in the muscles which helps burns fat.

2. It detoxify and cleanse you. As water rushes out during the course of a 90 minute class, this creates immense benefits such as super clean skin and the detoxification of pores in the body’s largest organ — the skin. This detoxification through sweat can be a bit overwhelming for some at first, as most of us aren’t used to purging that much toxicity from the body in one session.  

3. Focus and mental clarity. Perhaps one of the most significant Bikram yoga benefits is the increased connectivity with the body and mind as one. As the body is cleansed, the mind is sharpened. Above all the listed benefits, a good set of bikram yoga apparel will be your best friend in reaping the reward of bikram yoga. I even remembered that time when I was in the middle of performing yoga routine and I see nothing but a uniform of shades in color.

Me, as a fashionista then bask in the eureka that fashion and function should never be compromised, hence, the birth of BaliniSports. Come check out out pristine collection of workout clothes for bikram today. Because with Balini, you can have it all - A compliment that I would like to pass on to my yoginis and girls or gals who are contemplating yoga but still iffy on in picking their yoga outfit. 

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