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When performance and comfort are not compromised for style and sophistication you have hot yoga clothes; yoga pants, yoga top wear, yoga tanks, yoga shorts, yoga capris and sportsbra  that once you try them, you refuse to live without. You try to remember what to wear to yoga in yoga or cardio classes were like before them, but you just can’t. It’s as if life started when you tried on that first Balini Sports yoga workout outfit. You and your Balini yoga sportswear are now inseparable. You can only describe it as…love.

Here are the 6 reasons once you buy Balini, you will never want another brand:

1. Balini and hot yoga are a match made in heaven. The fabrics used for Balini yogapants, yoga bra and yoga tank top wear are specifically engineered and developed for hot yoga. The difference this makes in how your yoga gear looks and feel is undeniable. Moisture wicking keeps you drier and fresher - making our collection the best option as clothing for Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga Clothes. Contour slim fitting means your curves are hugged and flattered. Baby soft textures delight your tactile senses with every touch. There is no equivalent to the overall sensation when you combine a feeling of freshness with a sleek fit and soft touch.

2. Durability that ensures your favorite outfits is as tough as your workouts. Got to love this life cuz you have a lot of living to do in your Balini sportswear.  Every piece you buy is designed to last wash after wash.  Expert seamstresses, who integrate flat lock and cover stitch technology to reinforce the fabric, create our yoga apparel.  The fit of our clothing is intended to help your body make graceful and natural flows of movement.  You will be striking a strong, sexy and confident silhouette in these clothes for years to come.

3. Bra specialists: the secret weapon for unsurpassed support and appearance. Our designers include bra specialists hired to leverage the most current and accurate science to enhance and support women’s curves.   You will never have breasts squished and smashed in a top again. We must warn you, however, once you have worn a Balini yoga sports bra top you will likely never want to put on a standard bra again; you are going to feel the difference the moment you slip into our high-performance apparel - check out our yoga tanks with built in bra as well.  Our pieces are designed with love so that you can enjoy quality and comfort while reaching your goals.

4. An elite cut and fit for an affordable price. Balini guarantees a sophisticated look and tailored fit by integrating intensive research conducted by major US department stores.  There is a reason there is such a difference between a $200 pair of jeans and a $20 pair, the cut and measurements. You can easily recognize the difference once you wear our yoga pants hot. You'll get to get quality gym clothing like those from yoga shops like Lululemon, Onzie Yoga, Phat Buddha and Shakti Yoga. All Balini pieces are based on extensive research on the length and width of every corner on a women's body.  A centimeter of extra fabric can create an unattractive wrinkle and a centimeter too less can result in discomfort, one of the biggest every love clothing yogini is looking at sweat wear.

5. When you look and feel better your performance is enhanced. At Balini, we labor over every little detail with passion. The result is an athletica with so much quality and comfort; you are free to concentrate on yoga lifestyle with what really matters: your health, fitness and performance.

6. The luck of the Chinese will be yours. Every girl needs a mantra to help her succeed in life.  BaliniSports incorporate ancient lucky charm in our logo that meant to deliver a surge of love, beauty and blessing to your life. With this omen of good fortune being worn like a tattoo throughout your hot yoga, bikram yoga or gym workout, you will attract positive things into your life.

What are you waiting for? Come kiss the sky and reach new heights in your yoga lifestyle with BaliniSports.  We are committed to helping you feel your best and want to hear your stories about falling in love with your Balini Sportswear.


Ada Hung.

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