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WE do love you and we do love yoga poses that is creative, refreshing and intriguing!

It has been devoid of consumerism when we finally decided to do this. Our company is not only a way to provide you with the best yoga sportswear there is from yoga tops, yoga shorts and yoga capris. We are also here to promote the true essence of yoga as well making it more reasons to love this life and promote yoga lifestyle.

Brief Yoga History Yoga started out in the east, in India to be specific 5,000 or more years ago. It became a movement, a discipline and a belief that propels lots of people and yoga believers today. As it continues to become popular, more and more Americans are being drawn to the calming and peaceful power of yoga. Yoga acted out as a way to connect body, mind and spirit. It makes use of breathing exercises in line with ones asanas or the yoga poses.

How I Decided to Put Up Balinisports—Fusion of Fashion and Love for Yoga With the reasons as above, my love for yoga add everything it offers has been channeled to fashion. I came up with the idea that I may be not the only one who seeks for a yoga wear that is stylish, an intriguing yoga workout clothes for women, yoga oriented but still shows the essence of being a woman. Thus, Balinisports was born. It aims to cater to you and all other yoga and fitness enthusiast out there who has the goal of reuniting self with their inner spirits and those who needs decent, stylish yoga wears that is fresh and isn’t on the mainstream market. And much affordable too compared to other brands.

As We Still Thrive Today, We Would Like to Thank You With our goals and the things we achieved today, we would gladly have your contribution to our thriving success through participation in our contest. Yes let’s rock this, so show us your most elegant, fun, favorite, flexible and unique poses. What do you need? Your yoga pose, your cameraman (or you can have it on timer) and do that pose. Then click it, upload it and we will have you in our roster of avid yoga enthusiast.

Our winners will be chosen after and we will be choosing top 3 winners. Yes that’s three. Our winners will be announced on June 30. And if you have one of those best and most unique poses that is well liked then you will get a $100 Balini Sports Coupon! Have fun, let your pose rock and you’ll be featured here as our first winner. Simple and sleek right?

** As I have said our goal is to create a community that is in line with the objectives of yoga and the power of the spirit. If you are in this mind length, let us know or better send us, tag us your pic in our Facebook page. Namaste yogi and yoginis!  

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