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Yoga is now very common in the west and there are already many students and teachers who are avid yoga practitioners. Because of this, the need for yoga accessories and yoga wear clothing has increased in demand, dramatically. More and more female yoga enthusiasts are looking for stylish yoga wear for women. This is not only for yoga use but it also represents their fashion statement. There are already a wide range of styles and designs to choose from.

These clothes are not for studio use only, but you can also wear them comfortably outside. So after going to your yoga class you can already walk home with the same clothes without looking weird.

Fashionable Yoga Pants A popular wear usually used by women yogis are harem pants. These are very stylish yoga workout wear for women. It is usually long, baggy, and tight in the ankles. Think of princess Jasmine in the Walt Disney cartoon “Genie of the Lamp”. There are also short harem pants that reach just below the knee. Harlem pants provide comfort and allow easy movement of the lower extremities. You can find very fashionable harem pants online and on yoga accessory and clothing stores. Make sure to choose a fabric that allows air to breathe easily. It should be strong and durable, so that it will not tear easily during yoga poses.

Chic Yoga Tops The most common tops and stylish yoga wear for women are yoga tank tops, yoga tank tops with built in sport bras, and camis. Because they are form fitting, sleeveless and stretchy, they offer comfort and support during yoga poses. During yoga practice, there are lots of poses that requires use of arms and shoulders, this is why wearing sleeveless will offer less hassle. It is also great to use during warm weather. These hot yoga clothes come in various brands, designs, and styles. These also offer a trendy and timeless look if used with solid colors. Hoodies are also very stylish and most women partner it with their tank, sports bra and cami. There are also low-cut hoodies which are very in nowadays. However, hoodies are not really suited for inverted or downward poses. So it advisable to take it off before you practice such poses. Wearing black is also a practical choice when looking for stylish yoga wear for women. Black can hide stains and sweat marks. It also makes you look slimmer and thinner. Wearing layered clothes is also a chic way to style up yoga clothing. To create a stunning effect you can layer a tank top and a shirt with alternating colors. In wearing tops and pants, it is important that you always choose colors that complement each other. Some people choose darker pants paired with lighter tops while some use solid colors for both. Printed pants and tops are also fun attire to use in yoga classes. 

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