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1. Extended Standing Straddle
  • Stand up and rotate your torso by backing to the center. Make your feet parallel and keep them about three to four feet apart. Extend your arms straight and inhale. Hold your torso parallel to the floor and exhale. Make a support on your hips or thighs for support. For better performance, pick a comfortable yogapants, tight yoga pants will do. Stay in this pose for five breaths.
  • Make your abs and thighs stronger by doing this pose.
2. Goddess
  • Lift your torso and point your heels in. Squat down and bend your knees. Keep your shoulder stacked over your hips and tuck your tailbone in. Bend your elbows by opening your palms away from you. Hold this pose for five breaths by keeping your weight back in heels. Rock this position in a yoga pants hot or sexy side string shorts and unleash the goddess in you.
  • Thigh and tush will be toned by doing this pose.
3. Warrior 3
  • Straighten your legs. Put your feet together. Extend your arms overhead. Shift weight to your right foot. Lower your chest to make your torso and left leg parallel to the floor. Place your hands on your hips if your lower back hurts. Take five deep breaths in this pose. This pose will tone your abs, back and thighs.
4. Crescent Moon
  • Rise up into Warrior 1. Step your left leg to the back of your mat. Open your hips, chest and arms by getting the pose of Warrior 2. Arch back gently by resting your left hand on the back of your left leg. Feel the stretch and raise your right arm overhead. Continue to lower your hips by pressing your front knee forward. Do it for five deep breaths. Now positions like this requires a sturdy yoga top so you might wanna opt in to yoga tanks with built in bras.
  • This pose strengthens your thighs and abs.
5. Crow
  • Step your right foot back. Go to the pose of Vinyasa. Lower your hands and inhale to step your feet forward in between your hands. Squat down and bend your knees. Create a strong and stable base by widening your finger. Place your knees high to your triceps, straighten your legs, shift weight into your palms and lift your feet off the floor. Squeeze your knees. Press your feet and stay in this for in this pose by taking five deep breaths.
  • Your abs and upper body will be benefited by doing this pose.
6. Intense East
  • Sit between your hands by lowering your feet to the floor and extending your legs out. Touch your big toes and place your hand behind. Inhale by pressing into your hands and feet. Press into the outside edge of your feet by lowering your head behind you. Take five deep breaths in this pose. While this pose seems of like a hard one, a flexible high impact sports bra will definitely be a big a help.
  • This pose will tone your upper body, tush and thighs.
7. Wheel
  • By lowering your hips to the floor, lie on your back and bend your knees by placing your feet flat on the ground. Place your palms flat the ground and inhale. Lift your head, shoulders and hips into the air and try to walk your hands and feet a little closer together. Take 15 deep breaths and lower your body down. Release your lower back by hugging your knees into your chest. Then do an Easy Seated Forward Bend. Do the Downward Facing Dog again by taking five deep breaths. Do the same pose again on left side. Yet another hard position but you can leave out the comfort to us and focus on your pose.
  • This pose will work on your arms, upper back, thighs and tush.
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