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Recently I’ve been to great places for vacation. The most recent of which is in Santo Domingo and in Bayahibe, in the Dominican Republic. That was an insightful yoga experience as well as a refreshing moment. As a newlywed, these vacations have opened my eyes to the world not as a business woman or a traveler, but as a wife and a yogini.

You can see the beautiful beaches of Miami, the romantic city of Paris, explore the antiquity of Europe, visit the Caribbean, and take a break in the eastern white sand beaches. You have a choice; believe me they are worth it.

How to incorporate Yoga and Travel

Yoga is best practiced all over the world’s great places. Taking a deep breath and meditating while in commune with nature is truly the best gift you can give to yourself. A yoga vacation or a vacation infused with yoga is a journey you really need to take. It weaves together your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

Now, how do you prepare for a yoga vacation? Try to follow these little tips:

  1. Decide on the place you want to go to. This place should be a commune where you can be at peace. It should be void of all modern distractions but should offer comfort all the same.
  2. Have someone to go with you. As a married woman I was overjoyed of having to share great places, vacation and yoga together with my husband and my yogini friends. For single women, this might be the opportunity for you to think away from the humdrum of your busy life.
  3. Have yourself booked in advance. Booking in advance will remove all the hassles. Make sure that you are dealing with a legal business, do research.
  4. Prepare the things you will be needing. It will include all your regular travel needs except that its yoga infused. Bring a lightweight yoga mat, a couple of equipment you might need and so on. Bring a yoga journal too if possible. It is best to travel while jotting down your experience.

What will be the Advantages of Yoga Vacation

For some a vacation is just a vacation. For a yogini like me a yoga vacation is taking your practice to a whole new level. Imagine yourself meditating in a breathtaking sunset or doing poses in wooden quay with the ocean’s lap and wind swaying and moving with you.

Yoga can strengthen your spirits as well as your physcialities. A vacation can add further flavor to what you are doing. Enjoying yoga lifestyle.

A break from home or from work can cleanse your mind, cleanse your spirit. Also, if you check worldwide, there are great vacation or yoga retreats that offer the best accommodation for every yogi and yoginis. Having this will help you achieve your goal as their aim is solely to offer yoga.

But you can’t limit yourself to that. You can go to any places you want just bringing your resolve and your yoga mat.

And believe me, after these yoga vacations, you will feel like no other. You will be refreshed and renewed. Having it with your loved one with you too is another advantage, it will your strengthen relationship and help you become a better person and love this life a little more. More reason to love this life and make best of the yoga lifestyle!



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