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We all know that men have different body composition as compared to women. It goes on with the physical, psychological and emotional differences. And these differences have been furthered by other unique characteristics and choices. Men are structured and built differently from women because of nature’s way of allocating roles for each. Providers for men and nurturers for women. Thus men are built a little bit packed than their counterparts. That’s the basic, forget other ideas, let’s focus on the structure. This structure will come out as the defining way of doing yoga differently for men. Men’s body and yoga addresses the following:

  1. Vigour
  2. Vitality
  3. Strength
Tips on How to Do it Right
  1. Be determined
  2. Do yoga and attend classes regularly
  3. Breathe and meditate
  4. Pace Yourself
  5. Do not be blindsided by competitions during classes
  6. Do not stop trying
Benefits of Yoga For Men
  1. It establishes habits. By habits, we mean discipline. It creates challenge for the practice and then you continue to grow as you practice it.
  2. Yoga helps tone body and builds muscles. So many people tend to refute that idea but I still am a witness to this yoga benefit. Asanas and breathing can help you attain that.
  3. Yoga improves flexibility. It keeps you prepared for your other sports such as swimming, running and tennis. It can improve your core strength focus your mind, build greater resistance as well as help you prevent injuries.
  4. It reduces stress. It’s understandable with women but men have different stressing factors. Office works, heavier activities, all will be causing stress. Breathing techniques can calm he mind as well as the emotions.
  5. It helps improve sleep too. Quality sleep sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our daily activities may hard to come by. Yoga will get rid of that lethargic feeling.
  6. Yoga is isotonic and isometric. Added benefits of yoga include strength stamina and endurance.
  7. Yoga can also help you improve sexual energy. ‘nuff said!
  8. Yoga doesn't ask you to do practice at specific time of the day or at any weather or a specific place. You can literally do it anywhere even when the sun is up or the cold is chilling. You can perform some of it in the office, at home or during a flight. There is no limitation. You can practice it for life. So better start investing in a good sportswear today!

Yes, yoga do strengthens the mind and the body. And men shouldn't be hesitant to do yoga; it doesn't make you less of a male. The flexibility will come later if you are that bit uncertain.  

**BONUS** Picking a good men’s  yoga shorts could be a good start! So do it, try it and you will find out that yoga becomes life and life will thrive in yoga. Namaste!

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