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I know many people out there who were just as driven as everybody else but don’t know where to start.

Some of yoga career you can pursue are:

  • Be a yoga studio owner
  • Be a yoga teacher
  • Put up a yoga sportwear business(I did that)
  • Write a book
  • Do instructional videos
  • Start a blog
  • And too many more.

Everything I mentioned sounded hard but they may be the things you really wanted. But believe me, they aren’t. What you need? Be bold, be brave and believe in yoga. That’s what I did.

How to Start Your Own Business Related to Yoga

  1. Know your niche. By niche I mean where you are good at. If you love to write, then start a bog or write a book. If you are a teacher by heart then star a yoga studio or teach a class. IF you are an artist and creative, start a yoga wear line or develop marketable yoga video instructions.
  2. Write a business plan. In your business plan outline everything that you will be needing and you will be doing for your business. Make sure you never left out something.
  3. Find a location. Location, location. Where do you want to put up that shop? That studio? This will serve as the focal point of your business. Or would you like to focus online? Everything is up to you.
  4. Develop a good marketing plan. For physical business, look for your customers everywhere, do campaigns online and offline. Be aggressive but don’t be stifling. Approach slowly but surely. Offer perks and be generous in your opening.
  5. Hire people you can trust and those who are in line with your beliefs. In short, make sure they know what yoga is all about. And also know their capacities and what they can do. Know track records, by this you will be protecting your future customers.
  6. Market online. You know that internet is everything today. You can have lots of customers through social media campaigns. Make sure that you run them responsibly and have the right person to do it. You can also start a website for your business you can opt for free blogging platforms or you can try to buy your own domain for personal effect.
  7. Make everything legal and register your business. This will provide you and your customer some security. Obtain the license and have all the necessary documents.
  8. Commit yourself to it and love what you do. If you are doing business for the sake of business, then better quit. Put a heart t it, after all yoga is all about the belief of self improvement.

So while you are busy with all of it, don’t forget yoga still. Practice it and input what you learned from your meditation to your business.  

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