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Yoga is life changing.

Though that sounded cliché, I was quite adamant to start this with that line. Yes be A couple of years ago I was this woman driven by career, motivated by business, working grueling hours and jet setting around the world. And that’s when the world began to look like a cliché for me. Extra long hours of work, polished suits, corporate pressures and I couldn't have taken more glimpse of the real me. I was immersed in that world when everything started to feel empty and I felt like I’m missing something. I moved to a little Island off the Coast of Washington and began to get a glimpse of “me”. That’s when I started yoga and a holistic lifestyle.

Discovering “me” Through Yoga I struggled at the start but gradually I felt a sense of well being and started to rediscover who am I.

Yoga taught me these:

I found a sense of balance in my life. Unlike years go, I was sided. After discovering yoga, I became the woman who balanced work and play, passion and practicality and relationship and responsibility. And it’s one of those things I was missing since then. I am enjoying the yoga lifestyle and it makes me love this life more!

I found the inner peace. I stopped struggling, I stopped running. I went on with my life, slowly and calmly while rediscovering the real me. Finding yourself through meditations contributes to inner peace. I bring into being my spirit. And I came to wear it in my face, in my work, in my life, and it shows.

I found peace of mind. No longer trying to meet deadlines nor working more than extra hours and even thinking of competitions, I slowly found the peace of mind. Another puzzle of me fitted and my mindset had been uncluttered. It felt like being awash of worries and uncertainties.

I found the strength of me. Through asanas and sessions, I was changed physically as well. I became more flexible and fit. I knew the ways of my body and I appreciated everything about it.

I established true relationships. I was quite aware that having a fast paced life made me run and walk away from true human relationships. Everything then became only about business. When I started yoga, I found great friends that I even share passion with designing yoga sportswear and eventually a great love. And Yoga propelled me into it, it changed my ways, it changed my life.

And I know that who I am now has been the workings of myself and my inner peace. I found my passion in yoga and yoga wear designing. I am happy, truly happy. I dream of possibilities and I had it. I dream of starting a new path and now I’m walking it. love clothing, love this life, yoga lifestyle. The five things above will not be enough, there are more. But they are just for summary, I guess this calls for a part two.  

Just as well, I will be forever grateful for having yoga into my life.

Does SuperBrain Yoga Work?


  • Ada Hung: December 14, 2015

    Hi Glenn,

    Yes, it’s possible to self-teach yoga. You can always get tips and tutorials in youtube. Or you can wait for our next posts. It would be about this topic. Follow us on pinterest.com/balinisports too, we have tutorial posters, and we are working on creating more

    Thanks for dropping by.


  • Glenn: December 14, 2015

    Is it possible to self-teach yourself yoga? I’m currently unemployed and the classes in NYC are prohibitively expensive.

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