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Changes in a woman’s body can be taken to a whole new dimension when she is pregnant. Swollen tummy, weight gain, fuller breast and limited mobility.

Breasts during pregnancy takes increase in size from two to four cup sizes. And added to the fullness is the feeling of tenderness due to some hormonal changes. Most women find it hard to cope with breast cup increase. Most women again go to buy maternity or nursing bras. But then better alternative to this according to studies is sportsbra.

Undeniably, Sportsbra can be a good way to defy gravity and keeps breast from sagging and drooping. This sagging and drooping is unavoidable especially after the delivery and during breastfeeding.

Sports bra can offer comfort and support for the breasts during this period. Scientifically, pregnancy can cause ligaments to soften and stretch during pregnancy. These should be the reason that you an expecting woman should properly choose the right garments to safeguard you and provide you comfort.

Here are some tips on how to choose a sports bra.

Sports Bra for Pregnant Women

  • Measure and know your bust size. Try to be as accurate as you can. Or if it’s hard for you, ask a friend to follow the steps in measuring it. You can find the measuring steps in your old bra package or in the internet. But in cases of sports bra, your exact bra size won’t matter, sports bra can have one size fits most policy.
  • Now you go shopping. For easier shopping you can go to online yoga shops, let’s you stay at the comfort of your home too. We know how hard it is to move while pregnant. Just be careful though, choose those sports line that can give you the right service and a secured one.
  • Look for the style you wanted. Being pregnant doesn’t give you an excuse to be drab. Choose great colors and great designs. Your inner wears can be an expression of who you are and your aura. Having nice colors can give you positive effects thus will channel to your baby too.
  • Choose comfort. But then if you have already chosen a good shop you can be sure that you will be given comfort in your product choice.
  • Choose support. Some sports bra would only brag for comfort. But then, during pregnancy, what you should look for is support. Ask yourself if it will be helping you carry the weight that your fuller and tender breast has had during pregnancy and after?
  • Buy several pieces to be able to have some choice later.

Those are some little points to remember. Keep in mind the three things, for summary, to remember when shopping, style, comfort and support. And the price come least I guess, It won’t matter as long as it’s reasonable and will really get you through your pregnant phase.

You can start shopping now. And don’t forget; choose popping colors and fun designs to lift you up. Are you up for the challenge?

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Image Courtesy: flickr.com/photos/krbfss/7892788178
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