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Just like all our other clothes, fabric care steps and washing instructions should be followed in taking care of your yoga wear as well as your gym clothing. Yoga sportswear can be quite different from our regular clothes because, one, they are made of different fabric, two, these sweat wear are used mainly on sweat inducing activities, and three they can be more sensitive, lighter and thinner.

As both a yogini and an athletica designer, I know that you can’t just throw yoga laundry clothes in with your jeans, the same as it goes with yoga shorts or yoga capris with your workout top.  You have to wash them separately and with added care. Here are some ways you can take care of your yoga wears and make them last longer and stand wash and wear process.

Tips in Fabric Care and Washing Instructions

  1. Machine wash them with fabrics of the same color. Machine washing in cold can be delicate in your yoga wears avoiding the fading and shrinking effects of hot washing. Colors will be preserved and will last longer.
  2. Hand wash if possible. Hand washing can have positive effects n your yoga wear. This is taking the extra step if you have the time to do it. It can even avoid the long term bad effects of machine wash in your garments. Just like cold water, hand washing will take care of your wears in delicate and gentle ways.
  3. Avoid bleaching. Bleaching can fade colors and may result to unsightly bleach spots. That can be fashion killing and will make you not wear your affected yoga top or pants again.
  4. Do not use fabric softener when washing. A good reason for this is a fabric softener can cause changes to fiber textures and some would even affect the wicking capability of your yoga sportswear especially for bikram yoga clothing and hot yoga clothes.
  5. Tumble dry or hang dry. Both can be a way to choose.
  6. Do not iron your active wears. Ironing your sportswear or active wear can cause damage to the fabric and may even result to overstretching.
  7. Do not dry clean. Dry cleaning may contain harsh chemicals and it won’t just thoroughly wash your active wear that has seen sweat during your exercise or yoga session.
  8. Best to wash with 1/4 cup of white vinegar at rinse cycle to set the color. Plus the vinegar will prevent lint from clinging to your clothes and will remove soap residue that alters the fabrics color after some wash. Vinegar can also remove perspiration odors and get cleaner laundry.

Through these tips, you can be assured that you have done something good for your active wear in order to preserve it to your next active session. It isn't only preventing it from being worn down, but this fabric care steps can be a way to be able to get rid of old chemicals stuck in the fabric after the manufacturing and even after using a harsh laundry product before.

By following your workout wear or yoga sportswear's washing instruction you can prevent your wears’ shrinking or stretching thus rendering it unusable next time you want to do that hot yoga or some vigorous exercise.

Keep the steps above and you will be rewarded.

All our fabrics are shrink-proof, fade-proof, breathable and stretch to accommodate your own unique curves. Our high quality fabrics are tested to the extreme to give you hot yoga clothes that is as good as a gym clothing.


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