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Nothing can make a yogini happier than a gift that is yoga related!

I am into the positive effects of yoga circa 2006 and that’s when yoga has found its way on my system and I was never the same since then. Back then I was this busy in life with all corporate dealings that I failed to take a pause and meditate on things and about life. In yoga, I became immersed in its positive meditative and health benefits and I'm reaping the benefits of yoga lifestyle that had me love this life more.

I know a lot of yoginis out there. They became acquaintances and even friends. And surprise for some but it is not only females that do yoga, there is a considerable number of men in it too, maybe because of the widely known Benefits of yoga to men.

Now I was in this thinking of a gift for a fellow yogini when I decided to write this article. I tried looking for things that might interest her and be of use to her. And a friend of mine quipped that “nothing can make a yogini happier than a gift that is yoga related”. That’s when I decided to make this list for you.

Fun and Practical Gift Ideas

  1. Sexy yoga top. Of course this would depend on the person you will be giving it to. I will be a big plus if they love clothing their temples with fashionable attire. But who can resist a sexy yoga top? Try to know her specific choice before you buy yoga wear and giving the present to her. Does she prefer halter tops? A tube top? She likes prints or she wants it plain? And of course in choosing take note for quality too.
  2. Yoga shorts or capris. Nothing to compliment a yoga top than a matching yoga shorts, yoga capris or yogapants. Good yoga shorts can be hard to come by. You can buy yoga pants ultra cheap ones in the market but they won’t suffice. In our day and age, tight yoga pants have evolved from plain black to more fashionable and curve hugging designs. Yogi pants are meant to be functional and impeccable - sexy yoga pants like hot yoga pants or pilates pants for women would definitely at the top of their wishlist.
  3. Yoga mat. A yoga mat can be another good gift idea for a yogini. Yoga mat is essential in performing asanas and it can be a surprise to the person you will be giving it too.
  4. A yoga book guide. A book is another way to give a friend a meaningful gift. Yoga books can be found in good bookstores and can be read during yoga breaks or during free time. OR for a new yogini, an ultimate guide to yoga book can be a good and thoughtful present.
  5. Yoga video. If your friend is practicing a different yoga style, you can try introducing her to yoga through an informative video guide. Videos are the easiest way to introduce new asanas and new system to a friend. And it sure will be introducing a new experience to him or to her.
  6. Yoga Journal. This can be his or her yoga diary wherein she will input her day to day yoga thoughts. Experiences on meditation and even good effects of yoga can be recorded here. She can even jot down here some good yoga outfit she sports every session.
Just a little list guys. I just hope you find it helpful. Pay attention on how they love this life then opt for a gift that is something of a big use in their yoga lifestyle. Namaste yoginis. 

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