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There can be several reasons why the right bra after breast augmentation is a must. One of which is for support.

Why is the post op stage critical?

Because there can be errors that you can altogether commit. One of which is using the wrong sports bra for support and complications due to muscle tearing for the lack of support.

Many surgeons advocate the use of sports bra because it is none threatening to the incision and provides ample support without constricting. That is if you chose the right sports bra. Dr. Robert Brueck, an expert plastic surgeon, said that he always has his patients wear sports bra after their surgery to give them some support which adds to their comfort like high impact sports bra does.

These medical experts and recent studies then provide great insights on how the right sports bra can help in the right and holistic healing of breast augmentation. Especially if they are going to do some bikram yoga or hot yoga, its best to find a good yoga tank tops with built in bras to go along with their clothing for bikram yoga, hot yoga clothes or even gym clothing closet.

Reasons why Sports Bra is a Must after Breast Augmentation

A good sports bra can prevent muscle tearing. This is because it will provide ample support and limit bounce to the new breasts. Muscle tearing is common to unsupported augmented breast. That is because in new breasts, the body and the muscle around the chest area are trying to adjust to the new weight and new feel of the breasts.

A good sports bra can support the new breasts. It is common that after breast augmentation, breasts are tender and should need proper and extra care. That involves the right support. Plus the fact that swelling will be occurring adjustment may take time. Using ordinary bra may prove bad to the overall result and may even complicate things.

A good sports bra will not rub with the incision. This part can be critical too. That would be because incisions may cause some threats later if infection happens. Rubbing of bra fabric to these tender incisions may cause pain and even additional swelling. Thus, underwire bra is a no no.

A good sports bra will keep breasts in place. That is because it will hold implants or the new breast in place. That is until the breasts will settle to its proper place and healing was ensured.

Now, that’s just for starters. Your surgeon can give you more tips on this. And just as I have mentioned, you don’t just choose a sports bra, choose a good one that will be giving you what you really need.

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