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How does Yoga Help You Achieve The Bikini Body  

Yoga is a combination of different poses to create a relation between your mind, body and spirit. The principle is balance, and that's what I like about Yoga - life changing. It has been practiced since the age of ancient India. It calms your mind and gives you a strong and sexy body. But recently, yoga has been used as a weight loss tool by different sources. Weight loss is one of the most effective solutions by yoga but that is not the only one. As we are talking about the solutions, one of the solutions we are going to need at this upcoming sunny season is yoga for getting a bikini body. The warm weather will definitely lead to a beach trip. So are you ready to put on your bikini yet? Here we have given 12 challenging yoga poses which will not only stretch your muscles but also give you a perfect bikini body!

5 Yoga Poses to Achieve A Bikini Body

1. Quarter Dog

  • Start with the pose of Downward Facing Dog. Keep your forearms lower to the mat. Your fingers must be spread in wide. You have to establish a straight line between your middle fingers and elbows.
  • Flare to your heels slightly than your toes. Straighten your legs and keep your heels lower to the floor. Your head must be relaxed between your arms. Stare through your legs and hold in this position for five breaths.
  • This pose will tone your shoulders, upper back and abs.
2. Balancing Start
  • By getting back to Downward Facing Dog from Quarter Dog, raise your elbows up. Your big toes must be touched when you will step both feet together.
  • Your right hand need to be moved to the left. Your right foot will be forwarded for two inches. Your toes will point to the left by placing the sole of your right foot softly on the mat.
  • Raise your left hand off the mat by turning over to your right side. Lift your left leg into the air and stay at this pose by balancing your right hand and foot. Stare towards your left hand by keeping a straight line on shoulder, spine and hips. Keep your core strong by making this pose steady. Take five deep breaths by holding in this pose.
  • Abs, arms, shoulder and thighs can be toned by doing this pose.
3. Knee Up Plank
  • Your left hand and left foot should be lowered to the mat. Keeping your arms and legs straight, get into a plank. Your shoulders must be stacked over your wrists and your knees must be bent by bringing them closer to your chest. Hold in this position for five breaths.
  • Your upper body, legs and abs will be toned by this pose.
4. Burning Low Lunge
  • Make a low lunge by stepping your right foot and forwarding it between your hands. Make your torso lower to reach your right arm by keeping your right knee bent. Connect your both hands before your right ankle and give all the weight in your legs. Rest both hands on the floor if the pose is too difficult for you. Take five deep breaths.
  • This pose will work on your thighs and tush.
5. Side Fierce
  • Make a pose of Vinyasa by stepping your right foot back and lowering your hands to the floor. Step your both feet forward and inhale. Fold over the legs straight and exhale. Rise up to standing position and inhale.
  • Try to inhale by keeping your feet together. Raise your arms into the air by bending your knees and squatting down. Cross your right elbow over to your outer left knee and exhale. Rotate your chest by pressing your palms together and pushing your bottom elbow against your thigh. Make your both knees parallel and pull your right hip back slightly. Take five breaths in this position.
  • This pose will make your thighs, tush and shoulders toned.
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