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As we discussed in this week's newsletter, those "cheap" flipflops you grab at the store may seem like a steal. However, there is a good chance they are too good to be true because they actually contain lead, barium and other chemicals that could be leeching into your skin and causing long-term health issues. Sweat and water from pools or oceans can speed up the process of letting those toxins into your skin. How can you avoid toxins in those cheap flipflops and sandals this summer? There are some materials you can feel safe with. When shopping, avoid flipflops that seem way too cheap. Spring for shoes that cost a little more, but are made from natural and organic materials. In general, shoes that feature clothe instead of PCV/vinyl tend to be on the safer side. Some materials that are known to be safe include:

  • Vegetable-tanned leathers
  • Cork
  • Coconut and tree resin
  • Hemp
  • Natural/relaxed latex

The bottom line is that your shoes shouldn't be bad for your health! Skip cheap shoes that appear to be dyed or made from rubber, plastic or vinyl unless they have some sort of Eco label. If you're uncertain about a shoe brand, don't hesitate to email or call a company directly to inquire about how they produce their shoes.  


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  • BaliniSports: June 16, 2016

    Hi Alexis!
    We like ilovguru flip flop! :D

  • Alexis Jordon: June 08, 2016

    Which brands of sandals would you recommend? Thank you!

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