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Are you dreaming of a cool summer beverage that doesn't pack in unwanted sugar and calories? What if that drink also contained powerful antioxidants that could help you fight sunburn? The answer is homemade iced green tea! Iced green tea proves that summertime in a glass is good for soul! However, you have to beware of fake, powdered green tea mixes that are nothing more as sugary and artificial ingredients disguised as a healthy beverage. Today, I am sharing my favorite recipe for home-brewed green tea. First, here are a few pointers for how to get the best taste and highest potency.

  • Use fresh tea leaves. Loose leaves or tea bags shaped in pyramids are usually much fresher than traditional tea bags. 
  • Use filtered water or spring water for fresh, crisp taste.
  • Brew to temperatures of 170° to 180° Fahrenheit.


The Best Green Tea Recipe

  1. In a large pan, pour your boiling water over your tea bags. You can make as many cups as you want. For strong tea, use one bag per cup of water. Cover it and let it steep for five full minutes.
  2. Next, remove the tea bags, making sure to squeeze any liquid from them.
  3. Stir in 2 cups of cold water. You can also stir in any natural sweetener you want to use at this point, including honey or agave. 
  4. Serve over ice with a sprig of fresh mint.

Photo@ thekitchn.com


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