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Let's face it, it can feel a little discouraging to see some whiz kid get a million views on YouTube or see a fashion born after you graduated high school become the next big thing.

Our society definitely values earning success young. In fact, anyone over the age of 29 might feel washed up if they still haven't had their big break. However, what we don't always realize that our second act is actually the BEST time to find success!

You see, by the time we've lived through our 20's we have the wisdom, insight, and gratitude it takes to pull off an amazing success. And guess what? We won't blow it like so many younger, less experienced people seem to once they taste early and unexpected success. Our second act is really just the beginning of our life.

Time is the best ingredient for greatness. So, if you've put your dreams on the back-burner to raise kids or making a living, or you simply lost your vision along the way, you're actually in the perfect position to get your big break.

Of course, success doesn't look the same for us all. I am not saying we need to try to be YouTube sensations or land modeling contracts, but we should definitely pursue the things that make us feel alive.

Why not take that first step to start up that book club you've been thinking of or try to sell those amazing muffins you make at the local farmers' market? Your second act starts the moment you decide it does.

Just as I shared in this week's BaliniSports newsletter, I will share a list of household names that got their starts later in life! Who knows? Maybe your name will be on the list the next time I write about this topic!


Martha Stewart didn't break into the world of entertaining until the publication of her first book, "Entertaining," at the age of 41 - her show, Martha Stewart Living, launched seven years later.

The View's Joy Behar was a school teacher until launching her career in entertainment at the age of 40.

Vera Wang didn't design her first dress until the age of 40.

Gary Heavin, the founder of Curves, opened the first gym of the franchise when he was 40.

Tim and Nina Zagat were both 51 years old when they published a series of restaurant reviews that would go on to become the legendary Zagat guide.

Charles Darwin was 50 when he published "On the Origin of the Species."

Samuel L Jackson was 46 years old before he landed his first leading role in a film.

Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart when was 44.

Julia Child published her first cook book at the age of 39, and had her first television appearance at the age of 51.

Stan Lee created "The Fantastic Four," his first successful comic, just before turning 39. 

Iconic artist Grandma Moses didn't begin painting until the age of 78.


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