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There definitely isn't any shame to being a health nut in this day and age. Caring for our bodies and making healthy choices has totally gone mainstream. We proudly shun sugar, eat vegan, avoid grains and drink herbal concoctions because we know that doing good things for our bodies pays off. But what if our health doesn't end with diet and fitness? What if there was actually a huge elephant in the room when it comes to putting our bodies in harm's way via dangerous toxins and chemicals? Can our clothes be dangerous for our health?

The biggest threat to our health may not be lurking in our refrigerate like we feared, but in our closets. Harsh dyes in fabrics from many of today's top retailers and "fast" fashion brands pose serious dangers to our bodies. Many of those dyes and fabrics contain toxins, carcinogens, and even formaldehyde. This means that our skin is basically breathing in toxins all day long as we wear our "cute" shirts and pants.

This is especially troubling when you think about workout clothing. What happens when you work out? You sweat and your pores open, allowing whatever is in your clothing's fabric to seep into your body. You may be burning calories, but what are you actually doing to your body when you're so exposed to so many toxins?

We are potentially putting ourselves at risk for certain cancers and neurological disorders. I, for one, find it irresponsible that the fashion industry does virtually nothing to fix the issue. You can look out for yourself by shopping for clothing in much the same way you shop for food: by reading labels and avoiding harmful, artificial ingredients.

Brands like BaliniSports are safe because we don't use those harmful dyes or toxins when producing our garments. Our eco-friendly gear is good for you, and for the Earth! Let's join together and be health nuts, not just about what we put into our bodies, but also what we put ON our bodies. 

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