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One of the things I hear over and over again from friends, associates, or fans of Balini who reach out to me is that it is SO hard to be consistent with living a fit lifestyle. Between work, family, friends, and all the other things life throws at us, it can be so hard to stick to a healthy plan. People who know me know that I am always traveling, working, or meeting with people in the fashion industry. They wonder how I make time to make fitness a priority. As far as I'm concerned, making healthy choices isn't negotiable. I believe that being fit is a responsibility you owe to your body. So, how do I keep going? My fit secret is that I plan meals in advance. Especially when traveling, you can't leave what your next meal is going to be up to chance. I routinely pack away little portions of organic, vegan foods that I know give me energy and help me feel strong. These homemade snack packs help when exhaustion and hunger set in and I'm faced with the temptation of delicious-smelling, quick meal options. When I'm home, I set a side time at the start of the week to plan some meals so I am not left grabbing for whatever I can get my hands on once I feel famished in the midst of a busy day. I make a promise that I will eat healthy, even if I spend all day Saturday cooking and putting meals in the freezer for the rest of the week. I have several go-to Pinterest pages that peruse when I need inspiration for putting together some quick and nutritious meals. My fit secret is so simple - plan, plan, and plan some more! Always make sure you're the one in control of what you're eating, not your circumstances!
Ditch the Substitutions and Stay Fit With Natural Fat! The Power of Posture


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