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Remember when your mother used to tell you stand up straight? I know, it drove you crazy, but as is turns out, your mom was on to something. As a yoga lover, how I position my body is always on my mind. I am always trying to keep in perfect balance and use the right muscles. Lately, I have noticed that my posture really plays a big role in how I feel. Curious about it, I did a little research into the topic. As it turns out, posture is powerful. There have been many studies done that show that standing up straight can actually affect everything from whether or not we get a raise to if we get asked on a second date! Standing with your back straight and your shoulders proud actually conveys confidence and dominance. The cool part is that the person perceiving you as powerful may not even realize that they are - it will happen on a subliminal level, and they will judge you as more competent and able. As a result, you just might find that you're taken more seriously at work or that you appear more charismatic to potential love interests. When you show up for a meeting or date with your shoulders back and your spine straight, you're communicating in an invisible but strong language that you're in charge! If you're nervous, shaking, and full of self doubt, allow the way you stand to express that you're comfortable in your own skin. In essence, the power of posture can help you fake it 'til you make it. As we discussed in this week's newsletter, good posture can also help your mental well-being. It turns out that slouching can actually make you feel sluggish because it restricts your breathing. If you make only one small change in your life, make it the way you stand or sit. Focus on your posture until taking a strong, confident stand becomes second nature to you.

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