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Going vegan is something that every person who values a healthy, holistic lifestyle should consider trying. You can't know how amazing you will feel until you actually cut out meats and other animal products from your diet. As noted in this week's blog, going vegan can potentially clear up your skin and alleviate stomach discomfort. The fact is, you could actually be suffering from food allergies without even knowing it. Those allergies could have you feeling sluggish and looking tired and worn. In addition to health benefits, going vegan is a great way to step out of our comfort zones and really think about what we are putting into our mouths. It can also teach us discipline and appreciation for where our food comes from. Our plate is the first place to go to break bad habits. Even if you aren't ready to commit to a vegan lifestyle for the rest of your life, you won't know what it holds for you unless you try it for a little while. Commit to one week of vegan eating, and see how you feel. Are you ready to get started? I want to hear about your progress! Fill me in: #balinisports @balinisports

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