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I know, I know – you’re practically feeling hunger pangs just THINKING about doing a cleanse this winter. But I want to let you know that a cleanse doesn’t have to equate with suffering. As we discussed in this week’s newsletter, soup fasts are a great way to enjoy hearty, healthy nutrition while still getting the benefits of a cleanse. I think that cleanses are so essential to living a whole, spiritual life because in today’s quick, “get-it-instantly” world, patience is a virtue that is quickly getting lost. A cleanse teaches us how to deny our impulses and focus on giving our bodies true nourishment. Sometimes we literally have to strip our diets down and start from scratch if we want to regain balance and perspective. It is important to note that the motive behind a cleanse should never be to restrict calories for the sake losing weight in an unhealthy, unbalanced way. A cleanse isn’t about deprivation, it’s about creating a clean slate from which to re-draw what our diets should look like. Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you take a chance and go on a cleanse:

Emotional Clarity

If you’ve gotten on a path of over-indulging or “eating away your emotions” to cope with stress or unpleasant feelings, a cleanse offers a great way to call a “time out.” Taking comfort foods out of the equation will help you get to the bottom of what’s bothering you and help you work through it using healthy, sustainable strategies.

Elevated Consciousness 

All the great spiritual leaders have taken to fasting to reach new levels of consciousness. You are likely to discover that you have more energy, increased mental clarity, and a enhanced awareness of the world around you when you take up a cleanse. Your body will release toxins, and make more room for creativity and your higher self. Who knows what you can accomplish when you’re on a natural “high” from your cleanse.

A Restored Gut

A cleanse can do wonders for your digestive health. Eliminating all the sugars and starches you’ve been ingesting will give your body a chance to balance the flora in your gut. You may find that tummy aches, indigestion and acid reflux disappear when you begin your cleanse.

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