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January can be a tough month. Many of us feel ourselves slipping into a blue mood as winter’s long, cold nights and brutal days make it hard to feel optimistic. While some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), others simply suffer from a lack of vitamin D or diminished mood. The temptation to slip under the covers after work with some comfort foods and a Nexflix queue full of shows can be SO strong – however, this is the time of year we need to fight harder than ever before to have healthy, positive habits. I want to help you have the best winter ever, regardless of how cold or dark it is outside. I know firsthand that yoga can be an extraordinary defense against winter-time blues.

Just having the knowledge that you need to wake up at a certain time every morning to complete your yoga workout can revolutionize the way you view your whole day. That burst of energy you’re going to get from working out will help you feel alive throughout the day, and could fight the affects of winter depression. In this week’s newsletter, I shared some great tips for protecting your body and mind from the winter blues. I encourage you to work some of those tips into your life this winter. It is amazing how many of us are walking around with crippling vitamin D deficiencies without even knowing it! I think that focusing on feeling great through yoga can inspire you to really be proactive about your health and mood, and help you find the right foods and supplements to feel strong and stable when external forces try to zap you of your energy. In addition to getting natural endorphins from working out and doing yoga, I strongly urge you to experiment with teas, supplements and vitamin-rich fruits.

I know it’s cold out there.

I know it might get dark a lot earlier than you like.

I’m still challenging you to find the strength inside of you to put on a bright, cheery outfit and do a few minutes of yoga. Winter’s darkness is the perfect backdrop for our light to shine.

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