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I know Christmas isn’t even here yet, but a lot of us are already looking forward to our New Year’s resolutions for 2016. Now is a great time to reflect back on the past year and try to come up with resolutions that will serve us well in the year to come. Picking our New Year’s resolutions can be really hard. I think a lot of us get caught up in big concepts, and we think our resolutions have to be huge and life-changing. The truth is that even small changes can have a huge impact on our lives – and the people around us. Are you stuck on what to pick as your resolutions for 2016? I can help. I am going to give you the three big questions you need to answer in order to pick a truly meaning resolution. The best part is – you don’t have to give up a vice or commit to waking up at the crack of dawn each day to be healthier, you just have to decide the areas of your life that would benefit from a little tweaking. Here are the three questions to ask yourself in order to pick a perfect New Year’s Resolution.

What Didn’t I Like About Last Year?

What events from 2015 stick out as sour memories? Focus on those for a few minutes. Now, ask yourself what changes you can make to avoid moments like that from happening again. Did it have to do with being stressed from work? Being drained by friends and family who are magnets for drama? Resolve not to put yourself in those types of situations again in 2016, and think of small changes you can make to help you move away from drama and negativity.

What Did I love About Last Year?

When you replay all the months of 2015 in your mind, what events bring a smile to your face? These are the things that you should focus on in 2016. Resolve to do MORE of the things that brought a smile to your face. Connect with the people who fill you up, go on adventures, and take quiet time to learn and grow.

How Can I Make Someone Else’s Life Better in 2016?

The new year can’t be amazing if it’s all about “me.” While self-improvement is important, it’s also essential that we resolve to do more for others in 2016. Is there someone in your life who needs some encouragement or attention? Do you feel called to volunteer with an organization or give to a charity? Make a promise to make a difference and your 2016 is guaranteed to be an amazing, important year ahead.

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